Friday, January 2, 2015

There is Power in the Blood

I woke up at 4 am this morning with the song 'There is Power in the Name of Jesus' on my mind. Often we think that we are not good enough to be saved from our sins and not good enough for God to love us and not good enough to call God our Father
The word says none is good enough. What we have to understand is that because we are not good enough God sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. Jesus returned to the alter with his blood to pour on the alter for not only forgiveness of our sins but eternal life and grace that blots out all our sins forever.

Some believe that if they die after breaking one of the ten commandments and before they ask for forgiveness they will go to hell. If that were the case who would walk the streets of gold? Our flesh and blood is sin and we sin without realizing it, not meaning to because when we would do good evil is there with us and when we would do bad good is there with us. It is not of our works that we are saved. We are saved by grace through faith.

Faith is such an awesome and important part of our success at walking uprightly and continuously bringing our mind back to godly thoughts. We are to think about whatever is good, beautiful and pure and bring our mind back to Christ and what he means to us and what we mean to him.

Jesus loves us and his death unto eternal life is just as strong as Adams death unto sin. Whereas God's only Son died for all sins, Adams sin brought sin upon us all. There is no need to build alters to sacrifice lambs and no more need to cast our sins on a scape goat for forgiveness of our sins because Jesus became sin for us and his blood washed away all our sin and made us clean and righteous to stand before God as his beloved children.

God expects us to believe in him and to believe that just as we can go to an earthly parent and get good things we can get good things from him also. Sacrificing our sanity to be something that we are not, which is perfect; and fasting and begging and pleading do not invoke God to answer our prayers. Crying out in a voice of relinquishment and trusting him to do for us what we are so incapable of doing for ourselves is what he wants. He wants for us to believe when we pray that we will receive what we ask him for.

Sometimes unanswered prayers are answered prayers because God knows better than we do what is best for us. Trust his judgement and trust that you are not under any condemnation because Jesus bought your salvation and has given it to you. Salvation is a gift. He just loves us. He loves us just as we are. And because we believe that he loves us and gave his only begotten Son to become sin for us we work at becoming a better person. He doesn't punish us to make us walk the straight and narrow. He loves us that through his love we choose to work at becoming better people and through his love we are able to keep trying again and again until we get it right knowing that nothing or no one can separate us from God's love.

Nothing that you have done is so bad that you can't be forgiven. God loves you unconditionally. Some of the greatest men and women of God have done some of the most ungodly things. Those people who can accept God's love and forgiveness and forgive themselves go on to become great men and women of God whom through them he can do great things. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Believe in God's love for you. And use your testimony to reach others and help them realize who they are in Christ so they can accept and feel God's love also.

When we get saved from our sins and become born again in his spirit, humbly accepting his love and power through us, we are given the Holy Spirit which lives  inside of us. After Jesus' resurrection from the dead he ascended up to heaven and took his place at the right hand of God so he could send the Comfortor, the Holy Spirit to us. The Holy Spirit comforts us, teaches us, and guides us and through our submission becomes our leader for the rest of our days in this world. One day Jesus will return for his church, his bride who is without spot or wrinkle, the body of Christ whom we are all members -us!

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