Sunday, May 24, 2015

Serve God or Man

Once again this morning going to church was a glorious blessing. The words from the Holy Bible that were spoken, the music sung to God's glory, the love and kindness shown by the people there and the tribute given to war veterans and those who have served in our nation's military continue to bless me as I ponder it all in my heart. Whiteville Assembly of God is truly a place where God's Word is taught, music lifts your heart and people join together in love and truth giving reverence to God and His Holy Word.

I was given the blessing of holding my grandson during the worship service and looking into his beautiful eyes that were wide in wonder and looking at his tiny ears that heard the music that was sung to God's praise and hearing Pastor Tim's voice as he gave tribute to our war veterans and taught the Word of God. As I held him and I heard Pastor Tim's sermon I thought about the world that my grandson is growing up in, the country that he was born in and the many people who died so that Americans can live in freedom and how not long ago our nation's president made the statement that The United States is no longer a Christian nation. How much more ground will we lose as a nation under God? How much longer will we turn a deaf ear to what is going on in our country and pretend that everything is as it has always been?

I am guilty of sitting back and doing very little. I pray, yes, I pray for our country and for God to preserve this country, our Christian beliefs, and the standards and the principals set forth in the original constitution of the United States and our freedom and I urge to you to pray for our nation. I have done little else to preserve this nation as a nation under God other than sign a few petitions and make a few post to bring awareness to the spiritual predicament that our nation is in. The thoughts of taking a political act or joining a political party in protest scares me because there is so much corruption and deviousness. Where would someone begin?

I think about the wars that I have read about in the Holy Bible and the battles that were fought by either angels or God's people, or angels alongside God's people and I wonder if we will see battles in our country? Will we see battles fought by us alongside angels defending a country who serves God, defending our people who believe in the one true God? When someone holds a sword to our throat will we deny Him or will we die like Stephen did asking God to forgive his persecutors or will we die defending a nation under God, free to worship the creator of the heaven and the earth? Only God knows the future. Only God can sort through the corruption and deceitfulness of our leaders and bring forth his people triumphant and free to serve Him, to lift the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and humble us to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. God bless America and lead us the way that God would have us to go.