Monday, April 18, 2016

What We Pray For

I used to pray that God strengthen people, he promises that he will. I used to pray for God to uplift people, he promises he will. I used to pray that God bless people, he promises he will. I used to pray that God heal people, he promises he will.

Then I thought about it. If people don't feel loved, if people don't feel worthy to be loved how are they going to accept all that God has to give them. So now when I pray, I pray that God make them feel his love for them in their heart. And that they feel how much God cares about them in their heart.

I am one of those people who has always felt like the ugly duckling, the least favorable, the most unworthy to be loved or cared about. I didn't have any trouble believing that God loved me and cared about me until I felt like I let him down. Since then it's been a battle to feel I'm good enough. But I realized that even when I was at my worst and felt the lowest he was watching over me, protecting me, saving my life, keeping me whole when my body was so broken.

God loves you. God cares about you. Even at your worst God sees only the good in you and he wants to love and nurture you to bring the good out in you. Trust God.