Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pray For Me


I went to Dr. Melin's office in Wilmington today to get the results of the test that were done on my spine. Praise God!!! I do not need surgery. Thank God, I do not have a bone spur at C5 or anywhere else nor do I have a herniated disk. All that the test showed was a slight bulge over the hardware that is in my neck. And it is not touching anything. My nerves looked good. My hardware looked real good. God is such a powerful and loving Father. I am so thankful for him and what he does for me. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. I am doing so well. I do have some pain that is due to a previous operation. Dr. Melin's office is going to send a tens unit to me to use for a month then I will return to discuss physical therapy for muscle management. I thank God for blessing me with health and strength.

Lisa Collier Clewis
May 14, 2014


I was sent to see a neurosurgeon, Dr. Melin, who sent me to have a myelogram. Dye was injected into the sac in my spine. X-rays were taken before and after the dye was injected and then I was given a ct scan. I will get the test results when I go back to see the surgeon May 14. Please keep me in your prayers and pray for my healing. I thank God for his power and miraculous healing.

Your Sister In Christ,

Lisa Collier Clewis
May 7, 2014

Everyone who will, keep me in your prayers. I am going to see a back surgeon Monday, April 14, 2014. I have a bone spur pressed against my spine, it is at C5 and under a medal plate which was put there in a previous surgery. I have no doubt that I am in my Father's hands.

In December 2010 I had back surgery. When I first went to the back surgeon he did not believe that the mri disk that I took to him belonged to me. He said that there was not enough wrong with me, not enough visible side effects from all that the mri showed was wrong. I told him that God takes care of me but that did not convince him. He had me take a more extensive test which showed that there was more wrong with me than the mri showed. I had three herniated disks, three bone spurs, spinal canal stenosis, spinal cord impingement in two different place;, one was from a bone spur, the other from a herniated disks, and I had several pinched and damaged nerves. Praise God he protected me from the effects of the damage that was in my neck and he protected me all through surgery and blessed the hands of the surgeon. I have been doing great.

Due to pain in my neck, at the base of my skull, and in my head; I was given an mri. The mri showed the bone spur pressed against my spinal cord. I am going to see the same surgeon. I am in my Father's hands. He will heal me and make me whole. Thank you for praying and believing with me.

Your Sister In Christ,

Lisa Collier Clewis
April 13, 2014
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