Tuesday, April 1, 2014

God Protected Me

In December 2010, God saw me through a very extensive operation on my cervical spine. I nor doctors had any idea why I was in so much pain or had certain problems. I prayed for God to heal me.  I got, yet, ''another job' to try to help my husband make ends meet. I wasn't living in fellowship with God at the time. I believed in God and loved him with all of my heart but not with all my mind and spirit as we are told to do. I prayed every day. I saw him in everything beautiful. But I lived to work, take care of my husband and children, make the house perfect, and other things. I didn't put God first in my life.

When an MRI was done of my cervical spine it showed three herniated disk, spinal cord impingement, and spinal canal stenosis. I prayed and  believed God for my healing. I learned to do yoga to improve my body. I learned how to meditate. I learned how to fast, pray and fellowship with God in my heart, mind and spirit. I learned how to love myself and to forgive myself for past sins and transgressions that God had forgiven me from but I hadn't forgiven myself from. I learned how to control my thoughts. I think that was the hardest thing that I have ever had to learn how to do. Controlling our mind is so important and necessary for positive believing and believing God for a miracle.

When the results of the MRI were received I was sent to see a surgeon. Upon examining me and looking over my MRI he didn't believe that the MRI was mine. He had a much more extensive test done that required dye to be injected into my spinal cord and more images to be taken. That test showed that there was more wrong with me than the MRI did. I didn't have any kind of curve in my neck. I had several pinched and damaged nerves. I also had spinal cord impingement to a terrible degree from a bone spur. I was given a collar to wear before surgery because I was at such high risk of becoming paralyzed from my spinal cord being severed by the bone spur. God protected me from so much and ye,t I experienced just enough to get back to right believing and being right with him.

Praise God for protecting me. Praise God for using the physical condition brought on by past accidents, past bullying, and other things to bring me closer to him. Through it all I was able to stop being spiteful. I was able to forgive others. I was able to love people with compassion who had hurt me, used me or hurt someone close to me. I had lived through so much heart ache. I had lost trust in so many people due to their hurtful actions and words, and deceit. I felt so alone in my pain. Once again, I learned to love through Jesus' eyes and not my own understanding. Once again, I learned how to worship God in heart, mind and spirit. Once again, I was able to gain control of my mind and emotions. I was no longer defeated by everything bad or negative that happened to me. My actions were no longer based on how I felt.

God showed me that there was a better way than mine to deal with life's messes, disappointments and heart ache. I learned so many things about right living, right believing, and right loving. I was healed from the most poisonous mind set of all. I was healed from doubting my value, my worth, and my independence from the stones that life through at me and the people that threw them.

No matter what you are going through put it in God's hands. It is his desire to take care of us, heal us, make things right that others have wronged. He loves us unconditionally and when he forgives us he no longer even remembers what we did wrong. Our past sins and mistake are removed as far away from us as the east is from the west. He doesn't throw up the past in our face or try to manipulate us because of something that we did wrong. He releases us from our past and embraces us with arms of tenderness, mercy and forgiveness.

He will wash you with his love and embrace you. If you have not given your heart to Jesus I urge you to do so. He heals every part of our lives and gives us eternal life. If you are a Christian and struggling with the carnal mind and believing positively I urge you to learn how to fast, pray, and meditate on the word of God, the Holy Bible. I love you each and everyone. God bless you.

Lisa Collier Clewis

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