Monday, June 9, 2014


I often wonder why people do not believe in God or why they choose not to serve him. I think back to all of the things that he has seen me through . Some people question his heart and ask, "If he is real why do bad things happen?" I am here to tell you that because of his love he has made a way to give us eternal life in a place where there is no sorrow, no sickness, no death, and no suffering. And he covers us with his wings and gives us strength to endure, strength to put ourselves in better circumstances, strength to make better decisions, strength to choose a life befitting a child of God. YES bad things do happen do happen but he hasn't promised us easy. He has promised us his love to see us through it all. Because he has promised us his unconditional love and eternal life in paradise we endure the trials of this life with our heads held high, putting on the mind of Christ.

The creation of the world and life was no accident. God consciously spoke it into existence. And God wanted from the beginning for us to live healthy, whole, and in peace. But men chose to disobey God. God being a just and loving God gives us the power to make choices, to make our own decisions, to live for him or caught up in the world that man has created for himself. BLESS GOD for being a God of love, patience and mercy because when we have gone on our own as far as we can and are broken he swoops in on his wings of love and not only forgives us but forgets our sins and remembers them no more. He gives us a fresh start. We are made clean and new and covered by his grace.

I do not know what I would have done, how I would have survived, how I would have turned out, or even if I would be alive and whole and well if it were not for me believing in him and accepting his gift of love and Holy Spirit which teaches, leads and guides us. So many times he has protected my mind and heart, saved my life by his protection and healing, been there for me even when I was living out in sin and chose to live for another in sin. My journey back to him has been a journey well worth the holes and rocks in the road. Because the holes and the rocks in the road were created by me and my stupidity and yet he led me around them and lifted me above them proving his love for me until I accepted his love and forgiveness.

So you see, God is a God of love. His love for us is passionate and will last forever. He is always there for us, waiting for us to remember him, to call him the way we call a friend when we are in need. Because God is our friend. [John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his live for his friends.]

Written by Lisa Collier Clewis 10June2014

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