Friday, June 27, 2014

Diet to Beat Fibromyalgia

We have a powerful and awesome God. He will help you overcome fibromyalgia and beat it. Fibromyalgia is caused by inflammation. Foods and beverages that we eat and drink cause the inflammation that causes fibromyalgia. The foods that we eat are so far away from what is natural and safe for us to eat. People have grown accustomed to eating food that is economical and fast instead of ALIVE.

To begin my journey to recovery I simply and mindfully stopped eating anything with gluten, artificial sweeteners, or msg (monosodium glutomate) in it. I read the ingredients on everything before I buy it and if I don't know what is in it I don't eat it. I basically eat fruit, vegetables, meat, and nuts. I have found gluten free food such as bread, cereal, oatmeal and protein bars but you have to watch out for msg and artificial sweeteners. Sugar and high fructose corn syrup also causes inflammation in a lot of people.

It takes seven days for gluten to get out of your body. So if you stop eating gluten today by next Friday you will notice some improvement. When you stop all three is when you will notice the most difference and be on the road to recovery. Eventually you will come off of pain medication. I tried a few fibromyalgia drugs. I didn't like any of them. They had side effects. I didn't want to cover up the symptoms. I wanted to treat the disease and be healed from it. And I have beaten it thanks be to God.

To begin your journey to recovery simply eat fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, meats and nuts. It may seem like a drastic change but I promise you it will pay off. Eat this diet for two weeks and notice how much better you feel. You may need to make other changes but this is the absolute best to begin with. If you absolutely can not tolerate this diet than look for gluten free, artificial sweetener free, and msg free foods. Just watch the sugar intake. You want to keep the sugar intake at a low number. I'm trying to keep mine below 10mg a day. If you can start off with at least lower that 19mg per product that is a good start. Aim for less than 37mg a day.

I drink water, 100% juice with no sugar added, lactose free milk, black coffee and unsweetened black tea, and herbal teas sweetened with pure honey. If you are used to sweets try it for a while and you will see that your taste buds will adjust. I used to love soda pop, pizza, cheeseburgers and sweet tea. Now I love water, apples with peanut butter, nuts and juice. I feel so much better. I am so thankful that I got my life back. God will help you get your life back too. When we are weak, He is strong. He gives us strength to do what we need to do. He will take the desire to eat and drink unhealthy stuff away from you. 

I will update soon with information on supplements. I don't want to overwhelm you with too much at one time.  If you have any questions you can contact me anytime. If you would like to go ahead and start with some kind of supplements I suggest magnesium - 100 to 300mg a day, CoQ10 - 200mg day, and a B vitamin complex, and probiotics. Magnesium is critical for relief of muscle pain. CoQ10 and B vitamins increase energy. And probiotics treat some types of infections when used with a diet low in sugar.

If you want to try a natural pain killer try mixing 1/4 tsp of ginger in a beverage and drinking it down or eating something with ginger in it. Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory but won't upset your stomach like anti-inflammatory drugs will. I will keep you in my prayers and email you again soon.

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Your Sister in Christ, Lisa Collier Clewis

P.S. If anyone would like a recipe using their favorite foods to help them better adjust to this new date I will help you. Just message/email me your request and I will get back in touch with you with a recipe.

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