Tuesday, November 19, 2013

To Know A Man

To Know A Man

Dedicated to My Husband, Matthew the man of my dreams.

Written by Lisa Collier Clewis, many years ago.

It’s still true today.



To know a man is to feel him and to feel the emotion behind the expression, the twinge behind the pain.

To love a man is to fully embrace him with your heart and to burn in every centimeter of your body only for him and for him only, to the extension that his pain rivets your body and his laughter gives rise to your soul.

To believe in a man is to know that you have chosen whom you will follow; to know that God has given you to him to help him and give him support because you know that he is better, strong and a leader and you will follow him everywhere with God’s grace upon you both.

To care about a man is to be there when no one else will; to be his friend, his companion, and lover. And to pick him up when he falls and cheer him on when he tries because he is the man you chose, in him you are a believer.

To be a wife to a man is to care about his ever need as you do a child but with the reverence of a king; to know him and cherish him and love him and hang on his every word. And to stand beside him and in front of him when needed; to fully embrace his never ending love.

To make love to a man is to become one with him; to feel your heart speed up at the slightest pressure of his fingers on your skin, to feel electricity through your body as he penetrates you and sets you free to feel love and unexplainable pleasure in the freedom of orgasmic tension building in your body until you explode into ecstasy.

Yes, this is true love!

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