Sunday, November 24, 2013



Writing is like the mirror of my soul;

Words and paper merge like unto a beautiful sunset over the ocean.

Trees grow upside down and clouds float beneath your feet.

The beauty, depth, continuous blend of nature; water and sky.

The serenity is breathtaking and the air fills you so completely.

To breath in beauty; nature, sky and water, and feel as though

You are transparent like air; everywhere, touching everything, giving life.

I love my sou; my beautiful, giving, wise soul.

You move me, hold me, heal me from within so that I can

Give healing to others.

Words touch deep as do the trees planted by the waters,

Reaching upward to the sky where the tops of majestic trees touch the river.

Moving softly, calmly, accurately

Giving beauty and growth to all.

Written by: Lisa Collier Clewis
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