Sunday, May 7, 2017

Not Good Enough

So often we fail. We are slapped in the face with the humbling and terrifying fact that we will never be good enough regardless of how hard we try? That question that has burned a rut into our brain, "How could I ever be good enough" starts pricking our heart every time we make a mistake because we want so much to be perfect and holy, without spot or wrinkle for our father who gave his Son for our sin. We want our wedding garment to be perfect.

But what we aren't remembering is that Christ died for our sin and God says we are made righteous through faith. It is so easy that it becomes a stumbling stone. All we have to do to please God is believe in Christ and do our best, just be ourselves and don't let feelings or works hinder us in worshipping and having a relationship with our heavenly father. 

God has forgiven us and made us clean and knows that we will not be perfect until Christ returns or we go to heaven but we are learning,  he is preparing us for our wedding day to Christ. But he wants us to live in joy and peace and knowledge of his word and his love for us  and we have been given gifts which enable us to play a specific part in the family of Christ now. We learn every day how to put on the mind of Christ and keep it on for longer periods of time.

Works will not get us into heaven but faith does.  Honor God today by realizing that you will never be good enough on your own but through the blood of Jesus you are righteous to stand before God without any sense of sin or guilt because you have been set free from the bondage of sin and sacrifice and are a joint heir with Christ,  a son or daughter to the one true God. You are family. Pull a chair up to the table and sit down with your family, your Father, your brother, and the holy spirit.

Read Romans chapter 3 then bask in God's love. Don't cheat him from giving his child everything you need and good gifts. Let him be a loving and attentive father.

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