Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Glory to God, I was Healed From Fibromyalgia

I have some praise reports! By the grace of God I have beaten fibromyalgia. There is barely any left in my body. I praise God for the strength, grace, faith, and perseverance that he gave me to beat fibromyalgia. I stopped doing things that were harmful to me and stopped bad habits. Some things I stopped to Gods glory because I did them in excess like drinking beverages that contained alcohol, sun...drop and sweet tea. I quit smoking in June of 2012. I stopped drinking anything with alcohol in it in June of 2013. I stopped eating things that cause inflammation in my body such as gluten, msg, artificial sweeteners BHT, and lactose . I took supplements such as coq10 and fish oil. I had a long hard battle and by Gods power and miraculous grace I have been healed. I also found out that I do not have carpel tunnel syndrome. Today I found out that pain, stiffness and other problems that I have been experiencing are more than likely due to one or more pinched nerves and I was told that I have arthritis in my thumbs and my spine. Gratefully I noticed today that where there was a curvature in my spine it is now straight. I praise God for helping me attain the knowledge to use yoga for core strengthening, posture, flexibility and metabolism. At times I am in a great deal of pain. So much that it breaks me down mentally and emotionally. Sitting or riding a long length of time, excess physical activity and sitting a couple of hours, lying in one place for too long sometimes affect my ability to stand up or walk after sitting or lying down for a couple of hours. I prayed that the Holy Spirit would show me what is going on and that I would be healed. I believe in Gods healing power. Thank God for his unconditional love and gift of grace. In July 2010 I had an oblation of the uterus. The results have been absolutely remarkable. In December 2010 I had cervical surgery. At that time I was diagnosed with three herniated disks, spinal canal stenosis, spinal cord impingement in two places (one by disk and the other by bone spur) I had bone spurs and sciatia. Dr Merlin didn't believe the MRI was mine because someone with those diagnoses and pinched and damaged nerves would be experiencing lack of bladder control, legs giving out from under them, dropping things and sometimes unable to pick things up, and problems with speech at times not to mention debilitating pain. I suffer from gerd and irritable bowel so antiinflammatories have been really bad for my tummy. I used prayer, knowledge that I gained by researching different yoga poses for different ailments, breathing exercises, meditation and visualization. I told Dr Merlin that I wasn't experiencing the side affects because God is taking care of me. Dr Melin had more extensive test done which showed there was more damage than the MRI showed. I had to wear a neck collar until I had surgery because a bump or a fall could make me paralyzed from the neck down. Praise God everything fell into place like it did. When I found out that I would need an extensive surgery peace came all over me and filled me. Thanks to God everything went great. I was in so very much pain but the whole time God was protecting me from very bad side affects, from permanent damage and from being Paralyzed. Today when I finally found out what is most likely going on I was relieved and peace came over me. Glory and praises to God!!!! No matter how things look and what we endure GOD does protect us and give us strength to overcome. I have learned a lot over the last 7 years. I have gained more knowledge about Gods word, healed mentally and emotionally from old wounds, grown spiritually, gained a deeper perspective of Gods gift of grace and unconditional love. He has KEPT me and I am a better person for it. If I feel content spiritually at the end of the day than I have had a successful day. If you don't learn anything else from this personal testimony I hope that you learn that this life is our gift of time to grow spiritually and gain a closer relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost and you will study His Word the Holy Bible for yourself. God bless you! Love your sister in Christ, Lisa Clewis.
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