Tuesday, October 16, 2012

'Memories of Today' dedicated to my grandmama Mazie. Written April 1995. Published in America at the Millennium.

I am still young and keen;
But I can not remember when I was seventeen.
Today is so vivid;
That it makes yesterday quite livid.
Is that why you hear old people say,
"I can remember things that happen twenty years ago better than today?"
When you get old do you quit making memories to last?
Is that why they so easily recollect times passed?
Every day make a memory to safely tuck away inside of your mind,
Because one day all that you have may have is what you left behind.
What of today, what of tomorrow, what of times pass--
Does the future really forever last?
God knows our troubles, trials and times.
Look not tomorrow for what today you can find.
Today, lift your voice and sing unto God your praise.
Because tomorrow may never hold your gaze.
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